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KrWell, I’m working for Traffic Services company in Paris, as the web integrator and Traffic Manager. Please find my C.V attached end of this page.

I’ve built all types of websites from time to time, either for individuals or professionals, but only small ones. I’m a web paranoid about mass surveillance, you see? (if you don’t see, check the man) But you know what? Paranoids are the only people are aware of all these facts. So I don’t like many tracking services and I try to use the web without them.

Personal Information

Kiran Riehl
Bordeaux, France



Traffic Management

Project Manager

Web Design & UX

Web Marketing

Work Experience

Traffic Services – Paris


Traffic Services – Paris

(2014-2015) : Alternation

As the Traffic Manager and Integrator in this company, I take care of the management of advertising campagins for big groups (Mondadori, L’Opinion, etc..). I’m also a web developer in JavaScript for some projects.
Buzz Assurance – Portugal


As the project manager, I fully created a few websites with design, SEO and webmarketing about InsuranceI was also reponsible for the computer equipment as well as the web server administrator with WHM and cPanel.
Studio Créatif – Hyères


I was the Web developer for Hyères le Mag with few apps and plateform ads. For Le Studio Créatif, our digital agency, I was an integrator and web designer.
Déléo Laser – St Raphaël


Computer network management, operation and troubleshooting hardware. Custom web application development.

Final Words

If I had to make a short description of me, I would say I am a leader in crazy ideas. This is why I so much love Hackatlons and Startups. So if you need someone to help you build wonderful project, contact me.

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