No doubt, I’m young, but all these years I’ve been very active in the digital world. I also traveled all over Europe, meeting different cultures. Based on what I experienced and discovered, here down are my proposals:


  • Project Manager
  • Multimedia contribution with my experience
  • Innovative and creative for your projects
  • Advising and adjusting your projects in Transmedia process 
  • Improving your digital project in today’s connected world
  • Webmarketing and communication ideas
  • How to start your project (startup, beginner, etc)
  • Internet advertising strategy (concept and technical implementation)


  • Web site (showcase & dynamic)
  • Web design, UX
  • Integration HTML5/CSS3 valid W3C
  • CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
  • Responsive Design
  • Hosting (mutual or dedicated server *)
  • Natural SEO
  • Communication (Social networks, newsletter)

  • Encounter

To discuss about your project and your objectives

  • Sketch

First feelback after our meeting with my point of view and my ideas to develop your project

  • The begining

The first draft on paper with a tree and mockups. We have the first reflection about your SEO

  • Visual Identity

The design part / web design and ergonomics

  • Development

Website construction and features development we have decided together

  • Test phase

Last step, all features are tested to ensure that everything works properly

  • Shipping

Site deployment on a server and public opening

  • Follow

SEO is following in the medium and long term, and I stay available after the delivery of the final product

Visual Identity


* mutual or dedicated server : I use OVH, dedicated on Debian or CentOS